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‘kNow Your Mind’ – ACE study – How Childhood Experiences Impact Health

The ACE study – Childhood Experiences Impact Health

Have you heard of the ACE study? It is the study of 17,000 individuals. That’s a LOT!

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study  focuses on the impact of traumatic events on health and happiness into adulthood.

The findings continue to transform the seriousness with which we view childhood trauma, neglect and neurobiological development. It also creates a compelling argument for the importance of supportive intervention strategies, the younger the better.

The faster we provide support the less risk of mental illness, chronic illness, addictions, premature deaths and a lot more.

Aside from the mental and physical costs to the individual, the social welfare, medical and educational systems also benefit from protecting children from harm. Ultimately we all benefit from having happy healthy adults as the norm in our communities. Not to mention the benefits to subsequent generations.

You were once a child…

Can you imagine if during the difficult experiences you had as a child someone put up their hand to support you and then actually did it? Can you imagine if each time you doubted yourself, judged yourself or experienced shame, disappointment, sadness or doubt you had an instant cheering squad that helped you develop a different perspective?

Imagine the difference.

You would be invincible. You would be unstoppable. You would be, do and have whatever you wanted to be, do and have.

That’s got to be a good thing.

Here is a link for a detailed understanding of the ACE Study. It will be worth your time (less than 15 mins) if you have it. Because links are notorious within blogs you can also just do a search and you will easily find information.

Otherwise here’s the summary (less than 5 mins).

All of my coaching is wrapped around an understanding that many of the beliefs we bring into our adult lives are obsolete. I would go further and say many of them are actually working against us as we attempt to move through the differences between our childish view of the world and our adult reality.

Can you imagine letting a four year old take care of your finances?

I often ask my clients this question. It is a way to create a link between what we used to know and what we might now need to know to be happy and successful adults. I have had clients where that hurt, angry four year old is in charge of much more than their wallet. If, as children we had defining experiences around money or any other area of our lives that had strong emotional impacts (good or bad) these same beliefs carry through to adulthood.

Now extrapolate that out to how we might be carrying past beliefs about our self worth, being loveable, staying healthy, having capacity to be a good parent, deserving a loving relationship and respectful partner etcetera.

It is not a huge leap to see how our past beliefs might impact us now. This is sobering.

Very sobering.

In much of the coaching and mentoring work I do I include tools to release emotional stress and trauma. Would it be helpful for you to look at all areas of your life and consider that the one’s not working may be influenced by what you believe?  kNOW Your Mind Series is dedicated to furthering our understanding or where we are at and how to move forward.

It is never too late.

You are a champion and your life is yours to enjoy if you choose it.

Choose to ‘kNOW Your Mind’.


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