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Coaching: To Receive Or Not Receive


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Coaching: To Receive or not Receive.

That is the question.

“How can Coaching help me?” is something I used to hear all the time.

The questions came from a diverse range of people. From the seventy year old woman who was wondering if she should go back to study to the head of Human Resources in a big multinational.

To be honest I used to be surprised when I was asked.

Curiosity is one of my highest values. My deep appreciation for other peoples stories and experiences makes me an eager and avid life long learner. Therefore I made a lot of assumptions about peoples understanding of what Coaching was and what it could offer in the way of transformation.

I soon learned.

I soon learned that the value of Coaching being obvious to me was useless. It is other peoples understanding that is important. What I happened to know and love about our capacity to harness our own neurology, emotions, habits and behaviours was all invisible to prospective clients. What I witnessed in clients who have overcome trauma, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships or addictions, major health issues, financial stress or mental and emotional distress is also invisible to prospective clients.

I learned that often to truly understand Coaching you needed to be coached because so many of the benefits are hard to explain.

I am convinced of the value of Coaching.

My job as a Coach is not to convince you of anything. It is merely to explore your desire for a new perspective on your life. It is to recognise and respond to the craving for a deeper sense of self, community and depth of connection to those we love and care about. It is to understand the frustration of wanting ‘different’ but being fearful of what it might take, what it might feel like and what might happen if we get exactly what we hoped for.

My job is to support you to decide if you really want what you say to want.

This is accomplished by:

  • Being crystal clear on the specifics of what you want to achieve
  • Creating a plan on how to achieve it and
  • Deciding on implementation of that plan so you get there
  • Making the changes that are inevitably needed along the way a part of the transformational process.

There are conditions on you as a client as well.

I believe these are the non-negotiables.

As a Coaching Client:

  1. It has to be your choice about what you wish to change but it may not end up being what you think.
  2. You need to feel completely able to commit. That does not mean that you have all the how’s and when’s just yet however you need to deeply and powerfully resonate with your desired outcome.
  3. You have to trust your Coach because things can sometimes be challenging to your existing thinking paradigms.
  4. You have to accept that things might feel very uncomfortable at times. This is the outcome of you being successful at creating change.
  5. You need to bring others along on your journey if you wish them to be a part of the new you.

So why might YOU choose coaching?

What are the benefits? What do you get?

Greater productivity, greater satisfaction, greater outcomes, lazer focus, supportive sounding board, increased personal and professional growth, happier and healthier in many ways, a sense of control and self-determination, trust in your own efficacy, restored communication within your organisation, team cohesion, exceeded KPI’s, developed business loyalty, less procrastination, clearer direction, freedom from habitual loops in your habits and thinking, deeper understanding of self, greater autonomy, increased self-esteem, a sense of your own magnificent capability, a love of your life because you are in charge.

And the list goes on.

What do coaches get?

Well, besides the obvious – that we get paid, we also get to celebrate with you, every little win, every tiny step forward, every minor and major breakthrough. What we get is very, very cool. We get to live our highest professional calling. We get to connect with really awesome people who are dedicated to themselves, their teams and their lives.

It is getting more and more rare to be asked “Why do I need Coaching?”.

People have assimilated the idea that having someone to support you to make change makes absolute sense.

People turn up having the same question but not needing to ask it because they trust that change for them is also possible. They have witnessed it in their friend, partner, team, business, spouse, relative, child or neighbour. That is what they are after the result the way it is achieved is almost irrelevant.

The transformation is what lights them up.

Every day I get to see positive changes for both my individual and business clients. I’m very privileged and very grateful. To be the witness for a person deciding to challenge themselves, to demand something new of themselves – a different level of health or wealth or self is incredible.

I would call that a Win, Win, Win.

A win for you, a win for the coach and a win for everyone else in your life who see’s you happier, healthier and more empowered.

So, that might be why you want to be coached.

Nothing to lose and so much more to gain.


Dr Linda Wilson is a Mindflow Mentor, Coach, Author and Presenter.

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