How to be a good Leader

Effective Leadership Qualities for the Future in the Now.

What are the Leadership qualities of the future?

What are the Leadership Qualities for the Future in the Now? The old ‘top down’ paradigm where Leaders make all decisions without consultation then send them down for implementation is no longer best practice.  This is being discussed avidly on all social media platforms.

There is a change that needs to happen to make our leadership effective.

To grow into and develop our skills as leaders in this new era we need a lot of things. On top of our industry specific knowledge, appropriate goals, a specific action plan and laser focused implementation we also need a solid psychosocial/emotional framework to act as a foundation on which to build ourselves and our teams.

What mindflow (as opposed to mindset) foundations can we lay to achieve new wave leadership thinking? What guiding principles and frameworks give the clear message that we as Leaders are OPEN for business?

Here’s three Effective Leadership qualities that resonate most for me.

  1. Humility
  2. Adaptability
  3. Curiosity


Humility is sometimes mistakenly confused with lacking in confidence or being weak. Instead humility shows a Leader capable of learning and respecting others.

The thinking attributes of a humble Leader include teachability, openness, and approachability. These Leaders continue being students of life and understanding you do not know or need to know it all. There is a foundational belief that others can help you grow. Humble Leaders encourage and foster a synergistic approach and acceptance that there is always more to learn.

The feeling attributes of a humble leader include being comfortable in their own skin. They have no need or desire to boast and their own ego takes second place to fostering growth in others.


Adaptability includes actively choosing to pay attention to and anticipate change. These leaders are primed to be nimble, responsive, flexible.

The thinking attributes of an adaptive Leader include thinking creatively. There may be an outcome and specific goals to achieve in mind but no totally fixed ideas as to how that outcome might be reached. Adaptable Leaders have the ability to test, learn, correct and then do it all again. They are also able to intuit and pivot to the market in their thinking.

The feeling attributes of an adaptive leader include optimism; they have practiced and succeeded through change previously.  Developing capacity in themselves and others is a positive endeavour. There is as appreciation and enthusiasm to discover how capable they are.


Curious Leaders including a sometimes cheeky and childlike sense of humour as they are never satisfied with the first answer.

The thinking attributes of a curious leader include a deep belief that everyone has something to offer and a certain wonderment about the diversity others can bring. A frequent driver is “what can I learn?”. These Leaders ask genuine questions that encourage honest contribution and open up rather than shut down communication.

Curious Leaders don’t need to have all the answers because they have a genuine belief that someone else will and the true task is in finding that person.

The feeling attributes of a curious leader are an appreciation and acknowledgement of others, their skills, perspective and experience. They are interested in genuine and deeper connections. They truly enjoy people and demonstrate respect, compassion and empathy.

So what do you think? What are the attributes you would value in your Leadership team? And what about your own Leadership style, what are your strengths?

There is no doubt there is a speeding up of change within the Leadership space as we expect and demand more of our Leaders globally. Will you come willingly into the future?


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