Using your star sign as an excuse

Perfectionist thinking goes with the star sign?

Perfectionist thinking and star signs as an excuse.

Being a Virgo, expectations of perfection naturally come with the package. I often used my star sign and therefore expectations of having to be perfect as an excuse to stay stuck.  Spending a lot of my life making sure I did it ‘right’ meant (not surprisingly) getting very little done.

In my book I talk about the struggles of perfectionist thinking. I needed to have all the solutions before I even knew what the problems were. I needed to know ‘the perfect way’ to do my job, be a wife, parent, business owner and practitioner. I constantly worried about how I was perceived by others and held myself to a ridiculously high standard.

Ways to fail

Of course when you are never satisfied with your performance you will always find ways to fail. I discovered some things about my obsession with ‘perfect’.

1. The idea of perfectionism was the best excuse not to start or finish anything.

2. I was able to keep myself small, unproductive, and unhappy but SAFE if perfection was the benchmark.

3. It was the lowest measurement to which I could possibly hold myself because ‘perfection’ does not exist.

Coaching created change

Finally I had someone coach me with this statement; ‘prolific beats perfect’. This became my mantra and along with my own studies into stress management strategies, personal development and most importantly personal forgiveness I finally started to get stuff done – including writing my book. I  disconnected an arbitrary belief about myself from my capability.

After so many years my stagnation and frustration could be silenced. I used ‘prolific beats perfect’ time and time again to keep moving… and still do (I’m using it to write this including the typo’s!). Don’t wait as long as I did!

A journey begins with a single step

Start your journey with a single step and find a way to breakthrough. Forget about  being perfect. Just bring something, anything that is an expression of you into creation and get support to do it so you don’t get stuck in perfectionism. The rest is cosmetic – so give it to a Virgo.

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