My Vision Word for 2021

My Vision Word for 2021.

I’m starting to pull together my vision word for 2021. It’s always a little tricky because I try to make the focus around one word. If you know me at all, a single word has never been my forte! 

Especially for something as important as this.

I have been meditating on which word might bring the best kind of change. 

Whatever it is I want it to bring something to myself and also offer something meaningful to my dealings out there in the world.

The words end up coming to me in different ways.  

This year it was an image of a hug.  Yep, you know the lyrics from ‘Band Aid’: “throw your arms around the world” ? That kind of image.

The world needs a bloody long, deep, soulful hug. With full body contact, heart to heart space connection, clutching hands, tears and laughter, that kind of hug. 

Do you feel that? 

I do. 

I have missed physical interactions with others. I have missed hugs so much.

A lack of touch hurts us at a soul level.

As social creatures, physical touch helps us heal, connect and ground ourselves in our own bodies. It also breaks down barriers between us, mends hurts and clears the space for something new to be created. 

We can’t hug everyone so instead my vision word, to energetically do my small part to help us all heal and align is ‘compassion’.

Here is my take on what compassion might achieve. 

My Compassionate Vision for 2021.

We have been through so much in 2020. In my current home state of Victoria the cost has been very high with the most systematic and extensive shutdown in the world. Earlier in 2020 the loss of income, life, wildlife and natural beauty from the bushfires across Australia particularly NSW is beyond comprehension. 

People are hurting. We are emerging though uncertainty is present as we tentatively tread what will be a long path back. 

Sometimes words are not enough. 

We need action to really express our grief, fear, sadness and our deep desire and desperation for something new to emerge from this time. 

We require the hug of compassion.

Firstly for ourselves, as we grapple with our expectations of self. As we reach for resolution and to put the past behind us we can be our own worst enemy. Judgemental, harsh and unkind. Our need to move on and push past the pain can mask a deeper need to heal in the presence and with the support of others.

We also require compassion for others as we all emerge back into life and the workforce, potentially scarred and worse for wear. Pain and doubt colors everything it touches. For us all to recover well, strong leadership will be compassionate leadership. 

As Leaders we will need compassion to support our people back to full strength and optimism. Compassion, as we help salve the wounds so many have experienced. Compassion, as we hold the space for the full revelation of the future our decisions and experiences will create. 

Truly. Compassion, so we can conduct ourselves with grace. 

I must create that for myself, my community and by extension my world. 

Using compassion in my work.

My work is always about supporting others to achieve a happier, healthier and more balanced life. Most people who complete an analysis of their life find a great imbalance between what they feel they must achieve and what they actually want to achieve.  And then of course there is the question as to what they are actually capable of achieving. 

The pressure of achievement is even greater than usual. Many of us have expectations of running at 150% and we are actually only capable of 50%. I am already seeing this tendency towards ‘machine like’ performance emerge in clients.

Fraught with the desire to make up for what has been lost we can abandon ourselves at great cost.

There is imbalance between our expectations and our healthy capability. We may personally need more support. We may also need to offer a great deal more support to others than in previous times. 

There are roadblocks to doing this well. Compassion comes from a place of putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and recognizing their plight. During these fragile times our fear of being overwhelmed by others emotions is real. We can become selfish and protective to ensure we do not become too emotionally uncomfortable. 

Humans have such great capacity to feel but we are often frightened of it. 

We forget our feelings are not bigger than us because we create them. We also forget that when we suppress emotion life becomes mediocre at best. The remedy for this is self compassion first. 

You can start by answering this question: “How well am I taking care of myself?”

Extended that question to all those around you and then, listen deeply. It is such a simple way to show others you care.

What are the three most powerful things a compassionate vision can achieve? 

It can:

  • Expand our current capacities so we continue to grow with awareness towards each other. 


  • Acknowledge other’s perspectives allowing greater inclusiveness and creativity. We are stronger together.


  • Create a future that is greater than our current reality. One that will keep us moving forward with awareness and alignment rather than remaining shackled to the recent past. 

Compassion is elevating, not reductive. It leverages success rather than perpetuating distress and it is inclusive not exclusive. 

Sounds like a hug to me!

So that’s my vision word for 2021. My action in a word. 

What word do you believe will create the greatest impact for you this coming year?


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