Star signs as an excuse

Being a Virgo, expectation of ‘perfection’ comes with the package. Or so I thought.  I have spent most of my life making sure I did it ‘right’.

In my book I talk about the struggles of thinking I needed to have all the solutions before I even knew what the problems were. I needed to know ‘the perfect way’ to do my job, be a wife, parent, business owner and practitioner. I constantly worried about how I was perceived by others and held myself to a ridiculously high standard. Of course when you are never satisfied with your performance you will always find ways to fail.

Luckily I discovered some things about my obsession with ‘right’.
It was the best excuse not to start or finish anything.
It was a way to keep myself small, dissatisfied and mean.
It was the lowest measurement to which I could possibly hold myself because ‘perfection’ does not exist.

I was very lucky to have someone mentor me with this statement; ‘prolific beats perfect’. This became my mantra and along with my stress management strategies was how I finally got my book written. After so many years my stagnation and frustration could be silenced. I used ‘prolific beats perfect’ time and time again to keep moving… and still do (I’m using it to write this for example…. Smile). Don’t wait. Start your journey with a single step and find a way to breakthrough. Forget about  being perfect. Just bring something, anything that is an expression of you into creation – the rest is cosmetic – so give it to a Virgo.

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