Stress consulting for easier, more positive living

The primary challenge facing most of us right now when it comes to stress management is that we are constantly on and constantly connected. Expectations are higher than ever and expectations of achieving the ‘Super Woman persona’ (perfect mother, partner, career woman, friend, daughter and everything else) only turn the pressure up more.

  • Do you ever feel as though you just can’t keep up with life’s demands?
  • Have you let go important personal goals in order to be the perfect mother, worker or partner?
  • Do you sometimes want someone to stop the world so you can jump?

Dr Linda Wilson brings her unique perspective to stress consulting and stress management plans – especially for women.

This website and Dr Linda’s Wilson’s book and online course:

come from years of training, professional experience, clinical practice and personal experiences.

Linda has also felt the pressures to be all things to all people and from this she has created a powerful, practical and immensely useful book and online course that are designed to help you.