the existence of the future

The future doesn’t exist unless we know how to be here now.

The Future doesn’t exist for any of us

Most of us are focused on the future. In that future we usually want more.  More money, more time, more recognition from people who we believe can influence our lives in some way…. in the future. But what if the future doesn’t exist?

Are goals the answer?

We often have goals. These goals are supposedly there to create our future. Often I found my goals were set to impress or please others instead of truly being for myself. This is why achieving goals for me was agony!

While we are busy trying to manipulate our future by attempting to achieve goals that aren’t truly ours we forget to check in with ourselves; in the right here, right now.

We keep guessing, preempting, stressing and hoping we have it right about something or someone in the future.

Control is an illusion.

This is the illusion of control and cheats us of life.

Instead we could be mindful about the things we can control.

When we set a goal that is truly for us, for now not for someone else sometime out there we are no longer flat out guessing what is wanted/needed/required in the future. We are able to be here and confident we can keep moving forward happily in the now.

Where to start?

Our thoughts and emotions are the right place to start to refocus from non-existence to existence. As emotionally well beings we enjoy the benefit of actually being happy right now. So much more pleasing than an imagined future – no guessing required.

It’s imperative to have goals (or as I prefer to call them an inspirational vision) but they need to come from us not be for someone else. They also need to keep us happy right now because the future doesn’t exist.

It turns out that we find our most uplifting future vision most consistently by being single minded about focusing on our contribution to ourselves and others today.


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