The future doesn’t exist

Most of us are focused on the future. In that future we usually want more  – more money, more time more recognition from people who we believe can influence our lives in some way…. In the future.

We usually have a goal to impress or please, which often involves just flat out guessing what is wanted/needed/required… just to keep people happy and on or side. While we are busy trying to manipulate our future (that doesn’t yet exist) we often forget to check in with ourselves; in the right here, right now.

We keep guessing, preempting, stressing and hoping we have it right about something or someone or some situation. This is the illusion of control. Instead we could be mindful about the things we actually can control. Our own thoughts and emotional wellbeing, the benefit of which can actually carry us forward… no guessing required. We forget to care for, nourish and be grateful for ourselves and all we are capable of being.

It turns out that we find our most uplifting future most consistently by single mindedly focusing on our contribution to today.

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