Stuck on replay

The past stuck on replay…again?

Are you living your life like a broken record with the past stuck on replay again? How is it that we think we are moving towards a brighter future only to think, feel and react like we always have.

How belief stories shape our future

Do you have a negative belief or experience from the past that informs you that you do not deserve to come first, succeed, be heard or be chosen? You might have memories where you learnt to hold your tongue, play small or even disappear yourself.

We all have multiple experiences both good and bad. However because of our human proclivity to a negative bias, our negative experiences may have powerful and enduring negative impacts. They become our negative belief history – that which is, is just the way it is. We believe it to be so and always will be and it is ever present without our conscious awareness.

And so we get stuck in our past in the now when we are trying to create a new future.

We don’t want them but they stick

Many of our stories continue to be harmful even when their time of relevance has well and truly past.

Our most deeply held and strongly felt emotional beliefs or experiential learnings can run our lives hidden in unconsciousness. They may only becoming evident when we become desperate to understand why we continue to underestimate, devalue and dishonor ourselves in our work, contribution, relationships and self regard.

These toxic belief histories stick because they are literally wired into our neurology that they are true and cannot be otherwise. The more powerful the emotion associated with the experience the stronger the neurological footprint.

Held Hostage

We are held hostage to the past stories of our lives; to that moment in time when we were told and then we believed we should think less of and be less of who we truly are.

This is a three step process:

  1. The experience itself
  2. The meaning we give experience which leads to the belief
  3. Our application of the knowledge in relation to the belief

The experiences that are over but that continue to rule us are the most powerful of them all. What we tell ourselves matters.

If we choose the repetition of history we may never give ourselves permission to create our most wonderful here and now. It takes a tenacious and compassionate self to unravel these beliefs, but you deserve to be that person for yourself. Good luck on your journey to re-write your belief history.


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