The past stuck on replay

Do you have a belief or story that you do not deserve to come first, be heard or be chosen? You probably have memories (easily recalled) where you learnt to hold your tongue, play small or even disappear yourself. We all have experiences of powerful negative impact. They become our ‘belief’ our ‘herstory’ – that’s is just the way it is and we believe it to be so and always will be.

Many of our stories are harmful because their time of relevance has well and truly past. Our most deeply held emotional beliefs can run our lives unhindered by consciousness, only becoming evident as we continue to underestimate, devalue and dishonor ourselves in our work, contribution, relationships and self regard.

We are held hostage to the stories of our lives, to that moment in time when we were told and then believed we should think less of and be less than who we truly are.

The stories that are over but that we continue to tell ourselves are what matters. If we choose the repetition of ‘herstory’ we may never give ourselves permission to create our most wonderful here and now.

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