What’s the point to developing our emotional intelligence?


What’s the point to developing our emotional intelligence? 

Is there any point?

For many years now my answer to this question has been a resounding and emphatic ‘YES!’

This is not just because it serves my business as a coach but also because dealing, working and collaborating with individuals who take responsibility for their own wellbeing is so much more fulfilling, compelling and inspiring. When working with others whose happiness is also contingent on shared benefits, you can be assured of some powerful and deeply satisfying collaborative projects.

Now that’s my kind of project and those are my kind of people!

You’ve heard the saying that your income and bank balance can be fairly safely guessed by comparing the incomes of the people you hang around with? I believe the same can be said for our emotional intelligence. It’s more than just you but you and the choices you make are where it begins. 

To grow as individuals, we need to put ourselves in a position to learn and expand on our skill sets. And this before we venture out into the big wide world, including the employment market. 

Increasing consciousness and the pursuit of happiness is not just a passing phase. 

In fact the numbers are starting to really add up. According to KYT24 (NOV 2020):

The global personal development market size was valued at USD 38.17 billion in 2020 and looks set to grow at a compound annual growth rate… of 4.9% from 2021 to 2027.

Clearly there is a strong and competitive market for these products and services.

Personal awareness and the desire for emotional and mental resilience, along with strong physical bodies are also ranked highly within the business community.

KYT24 states: the search for greater “social skills and focusing on critical areas for self-awareness, such as emotions, character traits, habits, individual values, and the psychological need that shapes the day-to-day behaviour of individuals are gaining importance.”

With a tightening employment market globally, wanting to meet the expectations of employers around emotional literacy and EQ are smart and natural ways to increase your chances of employment.

A focused growth plan in this area implies a commitment to not only your own wellbeing (signalling an increase in productivity, creativity and contribution potential to your employer) but also a potential decrease in absenteeism and presenteeism.

In relation to absenteeism, according to Quikshift AUG 2020, 

In direct costs alone, the loss to the economy is said to be in excess of $44 billion per annum. It’s a staggering amount. On average, Australian employees are taking around ten sick days per year.

Employers are looking at how prospective employees take care of themselves to future proof their investment (that’s you) and reduce their costs.

So is this search for greater awareness different from the past? Are we seeing a turning point in values and beliefs around the importance of personal development?

I think so.

The recognition by business of the costs associated with a lack of these skills means the inherent value of having them increases exponentially. 

The world is looking for people who know how to relate, lead and mentor other humans.

So where might this leave you?

Actually, in a pretty fantastic position. 

Never before has there been so much available in the way of transformational events and experiences in the areas of personal growth.

No one needs to be left behind if they have made the decision to grow. The explosion of the internet has ensured high quality education and guidance is a button click away. And what was once the province of ashrams, retreats and classrooms is now available online.

It is a glorious time for someone like myself, whose entire career has been spent in the growth and development/healing space. To see recognition of the awareness that ‘growing people grow business’ is deeply rewarding.

So yes, it’s true I have a massive self interest. In which case you might be inclined to dismiss this information. However, I believe you would do so at great cost. The figures are not imagined. You can do your own research to confirm them.

So, what’s the point to developing our emotional intelligence?

By dismissing the facts you shut down an opportunity to engage and grow in what could be a true turning point in your own life.

You might also miss an opportunity to assist others around you by missing their need for support. After all awareness is part of us being socially responsible and as employers demonstrate our awareness and care for others.

We are all aware of the emerging statistics and estimations regarding the rise in anxiety, stress and mental health issues across the globe as old systems, ways of life and human connections are altered beyond recognition. The figures related to mental health costs are around 15 billion annually.

We are all capable of making a difference and it starts with us as individuals. We are the very same people who create businesses, work with businesses are employed by businesses. We are also part of families, create families and operate within families, friendship circles and communities.

I would go so far as to say it is our obligation to stretch ourselves and see what else we can bring to our lives and the lives of others.

That’s is why you are here right?

If you are interested in the way you think, the origins of what has shaped your beliefs, the ways you are stuck in old patterns, habits and behaviours, if you are sick and tired of life feeling ‘meh’, if you cannot seem to break through to your next level, NOW is the time.

This revolution has the potential to benefit all of us, especially YOU.


Dr Linda Wilson is a Mindflow Mentor, Coach, Author and Presenter.

Are you looking to find your way through, around or over something? Are you in need of a course correction or for your team to be challenged to grow? From neuroscience to energy psychology, habits change to emotional management – let’s have a chat about you, your team or your business.

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